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| 2010-05-21 |

Due to the recent devastating flood in the southern part of Poland, including the area of the WFFC, the organizers of WFFC 2010 and FIPS-Mouche have made the following decisions:

1.       Cancel the sector on the River Solinka, which was the WFFC water most affected by the flood.

2.       Create a second sector on Myczkowce Reservoir, called here Myczkowce Lower.

The exact fishing conditions on the new sector are described in the section Venues.

The organizers of WFFC 2010 and FIPS-Mouche sincerely regret that such an important decision has been made just 4 weeks prior to the WFFC, but in view of the circumstances, beyond the control of man, it is the only one which can guarantee a fair conduct of the Championship. All participants of the Championship are kindly requested to show understanding of the decision.