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30th FIPS-Mouche World Fly Fishing Championship


Professional film produced on behalf of the General Board of the Polish Angling Association by ATM Group. /Profesjonalny film wykonany na zlecenie Komisji ds. mediów i promocji wędkarstwa Zarządu Głównego Polskiego Związku Wędkarskiego/
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| 2010-07-01 | Final report of the International Organizer

| 2010-06-20 | Closing ceremony (photo & video) ... more

| 2010-06-20 | Conservation symposium (presentations, photo & video) ... more

| 2010-06-19 | Final Results

Final Team: 1. 
CZECH REPUBLIC, 2. FRANCE, 3. SLOVAKIA, 4. Poland, 5. Republic South Africa, 6. Finland

Final Individual: 1. CHYBA PAVEL - CZE, 2. TOMAS ADAM - CZE, 3. HORSEY JOHN - ENG, ..., 9. Gołofit Grzegorz - POL, ..., 13. Trzaskoś Artur - POL , ..., 15. Walczyk Marek - POL ... more

| 2010-06-19 | Session 4th (video) ... more

| 2010-06-19 | Results - 4th session (provisional): Poland, France, Czech Republic  ... more

| 2010-06-18 | The South African juniors visit Polańczyk
On 18 June the SA youth team, preparing for the world youth fly fishing championship in Slovakia, visited us. The juniors cheered their team, as well as observed the seniors fishing ... more

| 2010-06-18 | Session 3rd (video) ... more
                          Session 3rd (photo) ... more

| 2010-06-18 | Results - after 3nd session: Poland, Slovakia, France ... more

| 2010-06-17 | Results - after 2nd session: France, Poland, Slovakia ... more

| 2010-06-17 | Results - 1st session (provisional): Czech Republic, Scotland, Poland ... more

| 2010-06-17 | Session I - III sector (photo & video) ... more

| 2010-06-17 | The World Championship has started
Today, on June 17 at 9.00 am, the competitors had started the championship and the first flies were cast. The Championship is seeing a record number of represented countries - 28. A novelty introduced at this Championship is the presence of International Supervisors. In this Championship they perform two main tasks. The first one is filling up one blank beat, resulting from the fact that the Japanese team has only four members. The presence of an additional angler should ensure equal fishing of the beat during all sessions. This concerns the river, as well as the lake. The second task is to monitor the controllers supervising the domestic (in this case - Polish) competitors. This concerns only the river.
Stanisław Cios

| 2010-06-16 | Opening ceremony (photo & video) ... more

| 2010-06-07 | Football World Cup

During the WFFC there will be another big international event – the Football World Cup. Football fans, participating in the WFFC, are kindly informed that they can enjoy watching the matches, together with their friends, on a big screen in the restaurant of Hotel Amerpol. Persons too busy with tying flies can follow the matches in their rooms, in which there are TV sets.


| 2010-06-02 | Current hydrological situation
As a result of the continuing rainfall in southern Poland the water level is all the time high on the River San. Fishing conditions are very difficult. Hydrological situation on River San in Lesko, as of 2 June, h. 6.00 am: volume of water in the river ca 354 m3/sec. For comparison – the typical summer low water volume is ca 8-10 m3/sec.

Due to the decision to cancel the Solinka River as one of the WFFC sectors, this river will be open to all anglers this June.


| 2010-05-24 | Sale of licenses for unofficial practice (before 14.June)

Fishing licences / Sale of licences / Fishing rules ... more

| 2010-05-21 | Changes in the sectors due to flood

Due to the recent devastating flood in the southern part of Poland, including the area of the WFFC ... more


| 2010-05-20 | Flood on the River San

Heavy rains, which are unusual for this time of the year ... more

| 2010-05-10 | Benthic fauna of River San

The organizers of WFFC 2010 kindly inform all participants of the Championship that on 14 June, h. 10.00-11.00, 11.00-12.00 and h. 15.00-16.00, 16.00-17.00 (4 sessions for different groups), informal meetings can be held by the River San devoted to the benthic fauna of river. The events will be held in English. Should there be sufficient interest, there may be sessions in Italian or French. Persons interested in participation in this event should inform Dr Stanislaw Cios (, by 31 May, about their interest, indicating the preferred time and language.

| 2010-05-06 | Identification badges

The organizers of WFFC 2010 kindly request all participants of the Championship (competitors, officials, guests and supervisors) to send to the following address - - their electronic photos (each labeled with the name of the person), which will be used for identification badges.

| 2010-04-29 | International Supervisors

FIPS-Mouche and the organizers of WFFC 2010 have made the following decisions concerning the International Supervisors:
1.      The number of International Supervisors has been increased from 4 to 5.
2.      Applications from the following persons have been accepted:
Max French - Australia
Jeremy Lucas – England
Jani Ollikainen – Finland
Jiri Pejchar – Czech Republic
Mihai Vasilescu – Romania
FIPS-Mouche and the organizers of WFFC 2010 express their thanks to the International Supervisors for the willingness to perform their duties at the WFFC 2010.

| 2010-04-28 | Conservation symposium.

20 June, h. 13.00 in Hotel Krosno in Krosno will be held the conservation symposium, an integral part of the Championship, in accordance with the FIPS-Mouche rules. The theme of this symposium will be:
Relationship between man and the environment – in the past and today
- Origins of fly fishing in Europe
- Management of a Salmonid fishery on the River San, in a country with strong angling pressure
The event with a power-point presentation will be conducted by Dr. Stanisław Cios in English. It is envisaged for the participants of the Championship, but all other interested persons are also invited.

| 2010-04-19 | Portugal - 29th World Champ's Team.

Officially registered teams more


| 2010-02-25 | Uninvited guests.

This winter there were some uninvited guests on the River San ... more


| 2010-02-16 | Shots from Sector I.

Current conditions on the Sector on Myczkowce Reservoir ... take a look


| 2010-02-10 | International Supervisors sought.

The organizer of the 30th FIPS-Mouche World Fly-Fishing Championship is seeking International Supervisors more

| 2010-01-15 | Logo of the Championship.

The logo of the Championship has been approved ... take a look

| 2010-01-13 |  Shots from Sector III.
Its wintertime. Fishing is difficult, due to high water ... read more

| 2009-12-27 | Fishing conditions on River San, sector V.
Snow has just melted (it doesn’t mean that winter is over!), raising the water level ... read more

| 2009-12-24 | Champ's first team.
The English team is the first to register at the WFFC - read more ...

| 2009-12-17 | Welcome to the official website of the 30th World Fly Fishing Championship.

Welcome to the official website of the 30th World Fly Fishing Championship organized by the Polish Angling Association (PAA constituency organizer directly in Krosno), under the auspices of FIPS-Mouche, which will be held from 14-21 June 2010 on the River San. On the Championship web-page you will find current information concerning the event.

Team Organization



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